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Renovation of our Phalamtan Khimi Ghar was completed in Asar  2075, tree were planted and interior requirement fully met. However unforeseen tragedy struck which was beyond our reach on Bhandra 27th  2075. Massive landslide after relentless rain and flood swept the front area of the Khimi Ghar where we used to congregate.
Our president Ramesh Kumar Gauchan and all Koila’s co-ordinators and myself inspected thoroughly. We unanimously decided to relocate, because the former cost too much and no future guarantee.
Very happy to inform Mr Santosh Gauchan generously contributed one ropani fifteen anas land for the new Khimi Ghar.We Phalamtan community are very grateful to him. He made very generous offer in the name of his late father Bhim Prasad Gauchan and late mother Tej kumara Gauchan.
Finally we are campaigning to built our Khimi Ghar phase one plan and all the blue print of the KMG to be built Khimi Ghar is ready and management building housing, toilets, kitchen and all necessary requirements are met. 
Now latest plan is to complete Khimi Ghar at the earliest, the Astu(bones) will be transferred only after the NAG THAN is moved.The most auspicious time being BAISAKH or ASAR 2077.
FUND RAISING PLAN: Since the finance for the Khimi Ghar is already mobilized immediate implementation of building the Khimi Ghar already designated.
FUND REQUIRED FOR:  1) Management housing 2)Toilets 3)Plantation 4) Compound wall.
The Maps are ready but the budget estimate is yet to be finalized. If anyone voluntarily contributes for which I am working fine, if not any volunteer contributor can approach or compulsory fund collection  from all KOILA’S according to our community DATA.
For this great and sacred project, I have been pursuing  with full vigour personally bearing all the expenses.
I pray and plead to all here and abroad to contribute and help complete this holy project.
Yours sincerely 
Dil Gauchan

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